The Written Word by Hand or Blog?

A Tangled A

Tangled A by Angie Vangalis

I’m an artist with a passionate interest in calligraphy and related expressive art.

This is the first blog entry I’ve ever made that I can call my own, as I create blogs and websites for other small businesses.

I’ve been certified in the Zentangle® method of drawing and my work has been published in several books (one in 6 languages – released November 1, 2012). The “tangled” letter, above is published in a book titled “Zentangle 8 – Monograms and Alphabets” by Design Originals.

Last June, I attended Calligraphy Northwest, the 31st International Calligraphy conference, where I took a 5 day workshop on fluent styles of movement with Ewan Cayton. Ewan is a well-known scribe and excellent instructor from England. Here are some samples of my aetwork from last week.



Golden Strokes

Golden Strokes & Letters

My goal for the rest of the year is to blog more frequently about creativity!


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