One Zentangle A Day

Houston International Quilt Show

Nancy Smith, CZT; Angie Vangalis, CZT; and Beckah Krahula, CZT at the Houston International Quilt Show

I spent 4 days with Beckah Krahula at the Houston International Quilt show from October 31st - November 4th 2012 promoting her new book One Zentangle A Day (released November 1, 2012)and sold more than 120 books in less than 2 days!
Beckah's book was designed as a 6 week course on the Zentangle® method of drawing. Each lesson builds upon the next starting with the basics and moving into more challenging patterns and techniques.

My artwork is also featured in this book. Here is a peak of one of the spreads sent to me from Beckah’s iPad. This spread features the tangle pattern Paizel and two decorated letters I call IllumitanglesTM. You can see more of Paizel on

Page layout for Illumitangle letters in One Zentangle A Day

Illumitangle spread in One Zentangle A Day



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2 responses to “One Zentangle A Day

  1. Sonia Zvereva

    Вы молодцы, у вас очень красивые работы. Я тоже начала заниматься зентанглом. Мама купила книгу Бекка Крахула, я почитала. Теперь рисую каждый день. И, надо сказать, у меня неплохо получается. Спасибо вам.

    • TRANSLATION: You good fellows, at you very beautiful works. I too have started to be engaged зентанглом. Mum has bought book Beckah Krahula, I esteemed. Now I draw every day. And, it is necessary to tell, I have not bad it turns out. Thank you.

      Hi Sonia,
      Спасибо за то, что занимать время, чтобы прокомментировать. Рисунок образцов – большой способ насладиться вашей креативностью. Счастливая Путаница!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Drawing patterns is a great way to tap into your creativity.
      Happy Tangling!

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